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As we get closer to launch me and Ky will be raid leaders for our group.  What this entails to you is we will not be doing the famous star,ky and vic trio of 45 minutes of dissecting the fights.  Every week or possible nightly as we get into early progression we will be posting videos of the strat we will be using.  If it varies will explain on the Forum post for such.  One thing we both will be asking you all to post in reply is that you have seen the video and what your role in it is.  AKA if you're a healer what do you need to watch out for etc, same for range dps, melee dps and tanks.  This will be extra work but will be necessary for us as we push to harder content aka Mythics.  

We will be doing this sort of discussions or meeting prior to the raids nights if you wish to input.  Or put a reply to the thread in question for which fight if you don't understand and if you need more just ask me or ky and we will do our best to help you understand what you will need to do.  

If you have questions you can direct them to officers and we will do our best to help.


I would also like to add in that all Raiders should expect us to be a little more "pushy" as far as progression goes. Our goal is to be a Mythic Raid Team in the new expansion which means each and every Raider will have more expected from them. Priorities for the raid are 1) Know your class and spec. 2) Do your research : This means reading up on your class, watching video's and asking questions. 

The key thing to remember is that we all rely on each other to be the best Raid Team there is. Don't be "that guy" that holds the raid team back because you didn't watch a video.

It's just Nonnie
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