Raiders Please read plz


Those of you still planning on raiding with us, you should download ptr or if you're an idiot like me the beta...Either way we need to soon lock down the roles we have. At this point we need a resto shammy/monk healer. Our tanks are covered at this point, we are putting a cap at 7 malee for our team and the rest ranged. Let officers know which toon if you plan on raiding with us. Soon the better before the spots are full and you will have change toons or lose out.  

If we don't hear from you soon we may have no choice but to replace you.  As time gets closer to the expansion we will need to recruit as we will be doing mythic content this expansion.  So our raid team will be closer to 30 before we narrow it down to 20 for our mythic team.  I am almost certain our malee spots are full, but you should have a back up idea just in case.  

The ptr is a great place to test what changes your characters will have.  We won't have crazy amount of time to show you how to play you new toon before we start to push our levels.  We don't have time nor want to have people swap without good reason to another toon.  So be sure to research which one you can perform on as well as one you can choose a secondary spec to master.  

Either way let the officers now quick so we can formulate a plan for how we need to recruit if we don't here from you we will assume you can't commit and have a chance at losing your role within our team.  So don't procrastinate :) 


I also have beta access so if you want me to help you see how your class plays i will do my best to help.  I know i already plan on a few skype sessions for star.  


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